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For me I would find out more about research writing. I have written persuasive essays before but not for research writing. Research writing is a step up from what I have done before. If I was just starting this course I work more on the writing of the paper. Also I would try to put aside what I had already learned about writing. I would approach it with a fresh perspective. I just do not feel comfortable with the finished paper. I followed the timeline for the project but I still feel like it could be better if I had done more sooner. I also wrote it differently do to the requirements for the class. I would still do that but I think I would also approach the writing part the way I would normally. I think I would feel more comfortable if I had done this. I would also not have been so keen on starting revising so early. I like to have a lot more written before I get to that
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Unformatted text preview: point. If I had done more writing a head of time I would have been more comfortable with it. I would have concentrated more on what makes me feel comfortable and less on the timeline. I would still do the requirements for the class though. I also would have read the rubrics closer. I got docked because I failed to read them close enough. I have not had this problem before though. I think my anxiety got going on a certain part and forgot the rest. I would also work on lessoning my anxiety in new situations. When I get out of my comfort zone I tend to have more anxiety than usual. All in All it was a good experience though. I am satisfied with the paper I just try to be a perfectionist sometimes....
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