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Brittany-Ann Mac Allister People Soft id.# 1586296 Linguistics 101-Discussion Section 10 1. Five human traits not found in non-humans include a theory of mind, language, morality, government, and art. Theory of mind is the consciousness that humans have of themselves and the world around them. A human can rationalize his/her own actions as well as the actions of those around him. Non-humans do not theory of mind and therefore are unable to communicate with humans on any conscious level. Language is what humans use to communicate to each other. They use language to socialize and tell others relevant information. Non-humans do not have a modified vocal tract to allow for language. Morality is the sense of right and wrong that humans use to determine how to act in a given situation. Non-humans cannot rationalize their actions and determine if it is wise for them to do it based on its influence on others. Government refers to the way in which humans come together to achieve a common goal, which is to make sure that the
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