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02-02Pr_5e - Assets Total assets Liabilities Stockholders...

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Problem 2-2 Name: Section: Score: 0% Answers are entered in the cells with gray backgrounds. Cells with non-gray backgrounds are protected and cannot be edited. A red asterisk (*) will appear in the column to the right of an incorrect answer. 1. OUTLAW COMPUTER SERVICES Income Statement For the Month Ended January 31, 2011 Operating expenses: Total operating expenses Net income 2. OUTLAW COMPUTER SERVICES Retained Earnings Statement For the Month Ended January 31, 2011 Retained earnings, January 31, 2011 3. OUTLAW COMPUTER SERVICES Balance Sheet
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Unformatted text preview: January 31, 2011 Assets Total assets Liabilities Stockholders' Equity Total stockholders' equity Total liabilities and stockholders' equity 4. OUTLAW COMPUTER SERVICES Statement of Cash Flows For the Month Ended January 31, 2011 Cash flows from operating activities: Net cash flows from operating activities Cash flows from investing activities: Cash flows from financing activities: Net cash flows from financing activities Cash as of January 1, 2011 Cash as of January 31, 2011 Instructions...
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