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Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.pdf July 25, 2008 · Filed Under · Tags: Air-Conditioner , Carnot-Cycle , Heat- Transfer , IIT , Refrigeration , Thermodynamics , Training-Material 4o lessons on refrigeration and air conditioning from IIT Kharagpur. Useful training material for mechanical engineering students/college, or as reference for engineer. Contents along with the download links : Lesson 1 History Of Refrigeration [ Natural Refrigeration ~ Artificial Refrigeration ] Lesson 2 History Of Refrigeration - Development Of Refrigerants And Compressors [ Refrigerant development - a brief history ~ Compressor development - a brief history ] [ Application of refrigeration in Food processing, preservation and distribution ~ Applications of refrigeration in chemical and process industries ~ Special applications of refrigeration ~ Application of air conditioning ] Lesson 4 Review of fundamental principles - Thermodynamics : Part I [ Definitions ~ Thermodynamic properties ~ Fundamental laws of Thermodynamics ] Lesson 5 Review of fundamental principles - Thermodynamics : Part II [ Thermodynamic relations ~ Evaluation of thermodynamic properties ~ Thermodynamic processes ] Lesson 6 Review of fundamentals: Fluid flow [ Fluid flow ] Lesson 7 Review of fundamentals: Heat and Mass transfer [ Heat transfer ~ Fundamentals of Mass transfer ~ Analogy between heat, mass and momentum transfer ~ Multimode heat transfer ~ Heat exchangers ] Lesson 8 Methods of producing Low Temperatures [ Sensible cooling by cold medium ~ Endothermic mixing of substances ~ Phase change processes ~ Expansion of Liquids ~ Expansion of gases ~ Thermoelectric Refrigeration ~ Adiabatic demagnetization ] Lesson 9 Air cycle refrigeration systems [ Air Standard Cycle analysis ~ Basic concepts ~ Reversed Carnot cycle employing a gas ~ Ideal reverse Brayton cycle ~ Aircraft cooling systems ] Lesson 10 Vapour Compression Refrigeration Systems [ Comparison between gas cycles and vapor cycles ~ Vapour Compression Refrigeration Systems ~ The Carnot refrigeration cycle ~ Standard Vapour Compression Refrigeration System (VCRS) ~ Analysis of standard vapour compression refrigeration system ] Lesson 11 Vapour Compression Refrigeration Systems: Performance Aspects And Cycle Modifications [ Performance of SSS cycle ~ Modifications to SSS cycle ~ Effect of superheat on system COP
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Refrigeration and Air Conditioning -...

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