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libname orion 's:\workshop'; data work.qtr1salesrep; set orion.sales; where Job_Title contains 'Rep'; BonusMonth=month(Hire_Date); if BonusMonth in (1,2,3); if Country='US' then Bonus=500; else if Country='AU' then Bonus=300; Compensation=sum(Salary,Bonus); keep First_Name Last_Name Country Gender Salary Hire_Date BonusMonth Bonus Compensation; label First_Name='First Name' Last_Name='Last Name' Hire_Date='Date of Hire' BonusMonth='Month of Bonus'; format Hire_Date ddmmyy10.; run; proc sort data=work.qtr1salesrep;
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Unformatted text preview: by Country descending Last_Name; run; proc format; value $ctryfmt 'AU'='Australia' 'US'='United States'; run; options nodate pageno=1; ods html file='salesrep.html' style=sasweb; proc print data=work.qtr1salesrep label noobs; var Last_Name First_Name BonusMonth Bonus; title1 'Quarter 1 Orion Sales Reps'; title2 'Males Only'; footnote 'Confidential'; format Bonus dollar8.; where Gender='M'; by Country; run; ods html close;...
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