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bio 101 lab - • Add 3 drops of unboiled or boiled...

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TD Khang Biology 101L 2/4/12 Photosynthesis Procedure Outline Make a solution with the chloroplast of spinach leaves. get the following materials: a test tube rack, a goose-neck light, aluminum foil, 4 spectrophotometer tubes, an ice container with ice, 1mL pipettes, Kimwipes, distilled water, 0.1-M phosphate buffer Parafilm, and a large Erlenmeyer flask. Number cuvettes 1-4. When handling, only touch the top and use kimwipes to clean the sides Make a cover for the dark tube out of foil Keep boiled and unboiled chloroplast solution on ice. Using table 1, add the appropriate amount of buffer, water and DPIP in the cuvettes.
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Unformatted text preview: • Add 3 drops of unboiled or boiled chloroplasts to the tubes according to the chart. Mix well. • Calibrate the spectrophotometer with the calibration tube. • Run the next 3 samples through the spectrophotometer and record the data. • Put the tube in the holder, close the lid, and read the transmittance. Do the following for all the test tubes. • Wite down the data for transmittance at time 0, 5 minutes mark, 10 min. mark, and 15 min mark. • Draw the data chart....
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