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Bio exp 1 outline

Bio exp 1 outline - 1 Introduction a Bacteria are naturally...

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1. Introduction a. Bacteria are naturally found everywhere and they can cause germs to spread and sickness in some cases. Bacteria grows rapidly in colonies under warn to room temperature conditions. An effective and easy way to kill bacteria and germs is through consistent hand washing. In this experiment, we will test specific types of hand washing soap to determine which soap will be the most effective in killing bacteria. The bacteria will be grown on agar plates. These plates feed the bacteria and give the optimum environment for bacteria to form. b. We hypothesize that using Softcide Soap will kill more bacteria and cause fewer bacterial colonies to form than Dial Soap. 2. Material a. Three Agar plates b. Bottle of Softcide Soap c. Bottle of Dial Soap d. Sharpie e. Parafilm 3. Methods a. Get three agar plates. One will be the air control to account for the bacteria exposed to the plates while they were open. Label this plate AIR CONTROL. b.
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