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Farhat Letter - FLORIDASTATE The Division if...

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Unformatted text preview: FLORIDASTATE The Division if Student /iffairs UNIVERSITY Cenler.!i)!" Global Engagement January 10,2012 RE: Ahmad Farhat To whom it may concern: Mr. Ahmad Farhat is a bachelor-level Florida State niversity student in Computer Engineering studying in the U.S. in F-I international student visa status. As an F-I visa holder. there are certain immigration rules established by the Department of Homeland ecurity (DHS) that Mr. Farhat must follow in order to legally remain in the .S. All F-I degree-seeking tudents are required to be enrolled full-time, which is defined as 12 credit hours, during the fall or spring semesters. If a student drops below a full-time course load at any point in the semester (besides during drop/add), his or her F-I visa status will more than likely be terminated and the student may havc to exit the country. If Mr. Farhat were to have dropped below 12 hours in Fall 2011 without prior approval from the Center Global Engagement. his immigration status would have been in jeopardy. The CG E may only issue reduced course load Engagement....
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