Lab Report One

Lab Report One - September 14, 2007 Ms. JoAnn Scales...

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September 14, 2007 Ms. JoAnn Scales Section 10, Thursday 2-5pm Materials Science and Engineering Program Vanderbilt University Nashville TN, 37235 Dear Miss Scales, The following report includes the details of the lab experiment performed on September 6, 2007. Students completed the expressed objective of using an extensometer and load frame for analysis of four specimens. Analysis included the characterization of elastic and plastic deformation observed during testing. Students tested aged aluminum, 2024 aluminum, 1018 steel, and annealed steel. Procedure : The student groups measure the dimensions of the four samples using vernier digital calipers. The measured specimens are then loaded individually into the mechanical load frame, attaching the extensometer to the neck of the sample. The mechanical load frame, in conjunction with the extensometer, supplies the student with time-dependant information: load, extension, stress, and strain. After the failure of the samples in the load frame, students again take the dimensions of the sample using the vernier digital calipers, as well as taking a picture of the broken sample. Once all the necessary data are collected, the students manipulate the information to reveal characteristics of the metal specimens such as ultimate tensile strength, yield stress, Young’s modulus, etc.
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Lab Report One - September 14, 2007 Ms. JoAnn Scales...

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