Comptondebroglie - Note-A-Rific: Compton & deBroglie...

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Einstein For a while Einstein continued research into the photoelectric effect. He showed (using the photoelectric effect) that even though light had no mass, it still had kinetic energy. Einstein predicted that we showed see another particle characteristic in light waves… momentum! Based on his findings he predicted that photons have momentum which could be calculated by the formulas… and …but at the time he had no way of confirming that these formulas were true. Compton Effect In 1923 A.H. Compton started shooting high frequency x-rays at various materials. Found that the x-rays scattered after hitting the target (graphite worked really well to cause this effect). The radiation that was scattered after hitting the graphite had a slightly longer wavelength than the incident x-ray. Remember, longer wavelength = smaller frequency . Since E = h
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Comptondebroglie - Note-A-Rific: Compton & deBroglie...

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