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LAB #6 ACCELERATION DUE TO GRAVITY INTRODUCTION: The objective of this lab is to demonstrate uniform acceleration during free fall and to measure g , the acceleration due to gravity. This experiment is a good example of the care and thoughtfulness needed to take advantage of the very accurate data obtainable with a computerized measurement system. Since the measurement system is more accurate, and carelessness in obtaining data is very noticeable in the final results. Figure 1: Equipment for the Acceleration due to Gravity experiment showing the Jack Crow Memorial free fall apperatus, the brass and aluminum cylinders, the photogates, the guide pin and catch box.
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APPERATUS: “Jack Crow Memorial” free fall apparatus, a level, two photogate timers, meter stick, brass cylinder, aluminum cylinder, catch box, The Gate Timing (acceleration) program , and Excel software program. The two photogates are mounted on the aluminum free fall apparatus. Your instructor will give you a brief demonstration of the “Jack Crow Memorial” free fall apparatus, see Figure 1. CAUTION: In this lab it is possible to break the photogates if the cylinder hits them as it falls. To prevent damage to the photogates, sight down the free fall path to be sure that the photogates are clear of the cylinders path. And, you will need to level the apparatus using the level and the adjusting screws. The adjusting screws are located at the bottom of the apparatus. Be very careful not to “drop” the cylinder while your partner is physically in the photo beam. In any experiment using two photogates, keep photogates parallel to each other. And, remember
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