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Lab# 13 Equilibrium of a Rigid Body Figure 1: Equipment for the “Equilibrium of a Rigid Body” experiment showing a meter stick, which acts as our rigid body, with the knife edges (which also are the mass positioners), knife edge support, masses and mass hangers. Introduction: The objective of this experiment is to investigate and understand the conditions for the equilibrium of a rigid body. In particular, we wish to understand that the equilibrium of an extended object depends not only on the magnitudes and directions of the forces being applied, but also where on the object these forces act (see Figures Figure 1 and Figure 2). Equipment: One meter stick, 3 knife edges/mass positioners, 1 knife edge support stand, set of masses, 2 mass hangers, 1 body of unknown mass. Theory: An object in equilibrium has no net influences to cause it to move, either in translation (linear motion) or rotation. In other words, the object experiences no net force acting on it and no net torque. Thus, the two conditions for a rigid body to be in equilibrium are: , 0 i i F (1) the resultant of all the forces acting on the body must equal zero. And, , 0 i i (2) the resultant torque acting on a body (computed about any axis) must equal zero. As discussed in your textbook, a torque may be identified with the ability of a force to produce rotation. That is, an object may be fixed in position, but free to rotate about some axis. A merry- go-round, for example, is fixed in position so it can not move across a playground, but is free to rotate about an axis through its center. A force acting on the merry-go-round will cause it to rotate, so long as the line of action of the force does not pass through the merry-go-round’s axis
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lab_13 - Lab# 13 Equilibrium of a Rigid Body Figure 1:...

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