Lab_Instructions - 1 Requirements for the Preparation of a...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Requirements for the Preparation of a Laboratory Report The students have considerable freedom in choosing a template for their report. However, there are several items that must be present in the report for us to consider it valid. In the title page , those include: 1. Your name and student ID number . 2. Date the laboratory session took place. 3. The Title of the Laboratory session. When a laboratory session is scheduled to consist of two parts, simply add to the Title either Part I or Part II as appropriate. 4. The name of the Professor and the name of the TA assisting you in your work. In the report itself, the following items must be present: 1. The titles of the experiments. 2. All required plots (follow the instructions carefully). 3. All required tables and all formulas related to the calculations in the tables. The formulas must be located right after the respective TABLE. 4. Title and number all plots and tables following the format in the Laboratory Manual. 5. The Report should include the following sections: Theory , Experiments , and Conclusions . 6. The last section, Conclusions , is very important for the final grade of your Report. You have to comment on every experiment, providing comparison with analytical calculations or expectations. This section is free form but a neat and logical approach would be appreciated. Your Professor It is the recommended that you read the instruction sheet for the laboratory TAs. This will help you appreciate the rules both you and the TAs have to adhere to. It will also give you an idea how your lab reports are graded....
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Lab_Instructions - 1 Requirements for the Preparation of a...

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