lab01 - LAB#1 THE COMPUTER IN THE LABORATORY 1 Introduction...

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LAB #1 THE COMPUTER IN THE LABORATORY 1. Introduction The basis of all science is measurement of real-world events and objects. Unfortunately, measurements are not the basis of all science instruction. Students often feel that science is pretty abstract. These labs (accompanying the Physics courses) are intended to counteract this feeling by allowing students to experience the process of measurement for themselves, often for the first time in their lives. The lab exercises have also been chosen to show how the abstract concepts of Physics come to life in the real world. Powerful computers have revolutionized many aspects of our lives, often without our being aware of it. Essentially all present-day scientific and engineering measurements are done with computers. Even instruments like electronic tape measures, which you can buy at the hardware store, actually have "simple" (by present day standards) computers in them. The computers in these Physics labs help us to measure timing of events that happen too fast to measure with a stopwatch; they also help us to measure temperature and other quantities very conveniently. The computer takes some of the drudgery out of lab work too, like writing columns of numbers into the lab book and making graphs by hand. Every lab in the Physics labs uses the computers for measurement and their use is important enough that we have devoted this first lab to introducing you to the computer systems we will use. 2. Equipment We are using a locally networked system of Apple Computers. The local network allows us to continually improve the labs and associated software while keeping the upgrade level on all 80 machines the same, without trotting around with new diskettes all the time. If you have never used a computer and a mouse before, you are advised to visit the Computer lab in the Bell Building to take their introductory course. The hardware you will be using includes: 1.The Apple computer 2.Two networked Apple Laserwriter laser printers for each lab. You will use this to print out measurements and calculated results for inclusion in your lab reports. 3.The Vernier Co. Universal Lab Interface (ULI) box. This connects the computer
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lab01 - LAB#1 THE COMPUTER IN THE LABORATORY 1 Introduction...

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