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Pre-Note Meditation: Revolution Pick up a newspaper… really, pick up a newspaper. That newspaper actually represents physics before and after a revolution. Not a political revolution, but rather an intellectual revolution that was about to shake up physics at the end of the 19 th century. Throughout the history of physics there have been several of these revolutions, when old beliefs were replaced with radically new ideas… Copernicus’ “sun-at-the-centre” view versus Aristotle’s “Earth-at-the- centre” Publication of Newton’s book “The Principia” The modern model of the atom Revolutions like these are not a thing of the past… rather, we are still dealing with the after shocks of a revolution that began at the turn of the 1900’s.
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Unformatted text preview: Take a moment to look at the following features of your newspaper… The Good Stuff 1. Has many sections that give a lot of information about a lot of things happening in the world. 2. Each picture appears to be normal. 3. If it doesn’t have what you want today, maybe it will tomorrow. Now contrast each of those points to the following… The Bad Stuff 1. Doesn’t tell you about everything that’s happening in the world. 2. Each picture is actually made up of thousands of little dots. 3. Maybe we need a different newspaper to get what we want. While going through the notes in this section, try to see what I meant when I said that the newspaper represents the most recent revolution in physics, the quantum revolution....
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