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Astroparticle physics, 2011 Exercise 3 Problem 3: Lifetime of electrons We have calculated the energy-loss rate of relativistic electrons for bremsstrahlung a) Energy losses imply that high-energy electrons must be re-supplied to sustain a given par- ticle population. DeFne a quantity that ”measures”the mean lifetime of electrons as function of their energy. The typical matter density in interstellar space is 1 hydrogen atom per cubiccentimeter.
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Unformatted text preview: b) Consider the energy dependence of the lifetime determined in a). If no acceleration or production of electrons occurs, how would a given spectrum of electrons develop? A qualitative answer is su±cient. Problem 4: Compton scattering Wir have discussed the di²erential cross section for Compton scattering Transform dσ d Ω to dσ dǫ s...
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