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Folklore of Campus Life

Folklore of Campus Life - Folklore of Campus Life Folklore...

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Unformatted text preview: Folklore of Campus Life Folklore Occupational Folklore College Folklore College Practices of Residential Assistants Classroom practices: how long should you wait if your professor is late to class? What alternative names for campus buildings, parking lots, and more have you heard? Traditional practices of RU clubs: meeting places, folk speech, stories Sorority and fraternity traditions College Folklore College Performances of traditional dance, foodways on campus? What do athletes do to bring themselves good luck? What do students do to bring good luck to themselves before exams or class presentations? Informal decorations: chalking, graffiti Using statues: as a meeting place, more? Decorating statues Practical jokes How do you celebrate festivals? College Folklore College How do you celebrate festivals on campus: Day of the Dead, Christmas, Ramadan, Eid, Hanuukah, more? Planting trees in memory of students who died while they were attending college Decorating your cap and gown for graduation Gift-giving: what do you give co-workers and teachers? Ghostly presences on campus College Enrollment College 62% of undergrads 62% are between ages of 18 and 24. 18 60% of undergrads 60% attend full-time. attend More women than More men attend America’s colleges. America’s Military College Military Sedgwick’s Spurs Sedgwick’s A monument to Union general monument John Sedgwick stands on the outskirts of the Plain. Sedgwick's bronze statue has spurs with rowels that freely rotate. Legend states that if a cadet is in danger of failing a class, they are to don their full-dress parade uniform the night before the final exam. The cadet visits the statue and spins the rowels at the stroke of midnight. Bible College Bible H.B.C.U.’s H.B.C.U.’s State College State Land Grant Colleges Land ...
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