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Study Guide, The Whalers

Study Guide, The Whalers - American Studies Department...

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American Studies Department Rutgers—The State University Study Guide: “The Whalers” 1996 1. A whaler was a specialized ship, designed for whaling, the catching and/or processing of whales. A typical whaler had a length of 100 feet, a width of 25 feet, and a draft of 15 feet. Typically, what was the size of the crew? 25-35 2. A typical whaler had a displacement of 325 to 350 tons. What was the average speed of these vessels? 7-10 knots 3. A typical whaler carried six small whaleboats, generally 28 to 32 feet in length. What was the average size of the crew of a whaleboat? 6 4. Name the island off the coast of Massachusetts, generally acknowledged to be the birthplace of American whaling in the 1670s. Nantucket 5. What is the name given to the large cast-iron pots set into a furnace of brick where whale oil was rendered from the blubber of whales? Triworks 6. Which species of whale was found close into shore? Which species of whale was found farther out to sea? Right whales close to shore. Sperm whales farther out to sea.
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