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Fijany Layla Fijany Professor Jalalat Saddleback English 1B September 24, 2011 California Dreaming: In Need of Financial Aid 1. Readers should be concerned with this topic because it affects all American citizens who live in California he United State’s economic downfall has increasingly affected every citizen of this country either directly, or indirectly. We have all heard of those stories of fellow Americans getting laid off from their job of twenty years, forced to foreclose their home and who now living on unemployment benefits from the government. These are ordinary people, many of whom are mother and fathers that have worked their entire lives to be able to keep their family together and happy in a safe home. Or, even worse, this tragic story may be yours. This economic collapse has caused a shift in the way Americans had planned their retirement, spending, taxes, families and, most importantly, the future of education for their children. Without a steady income, these parents rely on government resources to help them pay for their children’s college education. The state has allocated a budget to provide financial aid for college students every year, but is only received by the student if he or she fits within the certain category requirements. Financial aid is difficult enough to receive for even the average California student because there are millions of college students that apply each year, only hoping to acquire the prized possession of government funds. Now, the California Legislature plans to pass a bill to set aside $40 million of the total college aid fund to provide scholarships and loans to undocumented immigrants. California is already swimming in debt and should first focus on rising out of this mess to be able to provide government-funded financial aid to citizens 1
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Fijany of this righteous state. 2. The California Legislature is on its way to passing a law that would allow undocumented immigrants to receive state-financed aid for public colleges and universities. Recognized as the California Dream Act, the bill highlights the way in which the state will distribute college scholarships and loans to well deserved students. While the state law would play no part in providing a means to citizenship for illegal immigrants, it would inspire students to achieve their dreams. Much of the federal government today associates illegal immigrants with criminal
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ESSAY1 - Fijany 1 Layla Fijany Professor Jalalat Saddleback...

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