ESSAY2 - 1 Fijany Layla Fijany Mrs J Jalalat English 1B 16...

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1 Fijany Layla Fijany Mrs. J. Jalalat English 1B 16 November 2011 The Logical Science of Love Coldplay released “The Scientist” during their second album in 2002. After surfacing, this song became an instant success, and still remains so, due to the public’s response to such an emotionally gripping song. The lead singer of the band, Chris Martin, narrates “The Scientist” from the point of view of a young man who has admittedly made a mistake in a relationship with a woman he truly loves. The song tells the story of a couple that has just broken up and how the man attempts to figure out what went wrong in very linear, scientific, ways. The man doesn't know how to explain his actions, because they were against his rationale. He wants to be able to explain his actions with science and reasoning, but he just can't, because love is not based upon logic. Chris Martin sings as though he had tried to find a logical meaning in a relationship he had with a women he loved, to help explain why things were the way they were; why he loved her. As a result, the two had separated. The man, however, being a scientist, cannot logically deduce the reason for her decision to leave. His desperations to maintain sanity force him to tell her “he had to find [her], tell [her he] needs [her]” (Coldplay). After realizing that it is not possible to make up for his mistake, he desperately wants to “[go] back to the start” when they were both so madly in love with each other (Coldplay). Realizing this can't be done solidifies a hard, bitter edge to the man’s constraints of reality.
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2 The narrator explains that the man was “running in circles, coming up tails… heads on a science apart,” claiming that he can’t run from the logical reason that made them part (Coldplay). The man based his past actions on theory, but now resorts to flipping a coin to make decisions.
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ESSAY2 - 1 Fijany Layla Fijany Mrs J Jalalat English 1B 16...

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