ESSAY3 - Fijany 1 Layla Fijany Ms J Jalalat English 1B 7...

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Fijany Layla Fijany Ms. J. Jalalat English 1B 7 December 2011 At Issues: Stem Cells/ The Debate of Life 1. Stem cells, it seems, have been around in medicine since stethoscopes were first used. Yet, the argument over whether the use of these biological catalysts for the research of human life has not been put to rest. Stem cell research has had many ups and downs in society –gaining popularity by society followed by a slow declining in its opposition (and all over again…in a cycle). The battle of the morality of stem cell research still continues because there are so many benefits to this scientific breakthrough, as well as issues and arguments that come along with such a revolutionary idea. Change is a (notion….or )direction the science community is familiar with because it has been the driving force/forward propeller behind all of the new technology and innovations our society is familiar. However, our society has come upon a fork in the road, debating whether it is ethical to use human embryos for research purposes that could potentially cure many diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer or Parkinson’s. It is not surprising that the public has not come to a general understanding regarding this topic because it (entails/twists/interweaves/bring together science) involves the use of human embryos and begs to answer the question, “What is life?” 2. During the presidency of George W. Bush, stem cells became a topic of concern because the president had to decide whether to continue government funding for human stem cell research. The debate concerning stem cell research in Washington is the challenge of finding a means to protecting embryos and still utilizes these microscopic clusters of cells to treat life- 1
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Fijany threatening diseases. Embryonic stem cells are controversial because the cells originate from a fertilized egg, about four days after contraception, which may be considered life from certain religious views/viewpoints. The benefits of stem cells are not definite because the cells have no set determination of function, but scientist may guide them to develop into any type of specialized cell. Many scientists obtain the majority of stem cells from discarded or excess
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ESSAY3 - Fijany 1 Layla Fijany Ms J Jalalat English 1B 7...

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