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TOP NINE CATALOG CHANGES FOR 2011-12 1. Deadline to drop classes – The deadline to drop classes has been extended to allow students to drop classes prior to the start of and during the first 11 calendar days of the semester. 2. Graduate credit for ODU undergraduates – The policy has been revised to allow undergraduate students with senior standing but not enrolled in programs with an accelerated degree option to take up to 12 hours of graduate course work for graduate credit. Up to six hours of graduate credit taken prior to completing the undergraduate degree may be applied toward the undergraduate degree. Eligible students must have senior standing and a 3.30 or better grade point average in the major field of study. Approvals are required. 3. New general education courses – AAST 100S, Introduction to African American Studies; EET 370T, Energy and the Environment 4. General education requirements that can be met in the major – The majors approved to meet specific general education requirements for oral communication, information
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