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ch9 - CHAPTER 9 MANAGEMENT OF QUALITY Answers to Discussion...

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CHAPTER 9 MANAGEMENT OF QUALITY Answers to Discussion and Review Questions 1. a. Convenience : the availability and accessibility of the service. Reliability : the ability to perform a service dependably, consistently, and accurately. Responsiveness : the willingness of service providers to help customers in unusual situations and to deal with problems. Time : the speed with which service is delivered. Assurance : the knowledge exhibited by personnel who come into contact with a customer and their ability to convey trust and confidence. Courtesy : the way customers are treated by employees who come into contact with them. Tangibles : the physical appearance of equipment, facilities, personnel, and communication materials. b. The primary determinants of quality are design, conformance to design (materials and workmanship), ease of use (partly related to design, but also a function of user instructions and sometimes training), and service after delivery. 2. Design quality refers to the degree to which a product or service would ideally be fit for use. Quality of conformance refers to how well a product or service matches design specifications. 3. a. The reputation and image of an organization will suffer from poor quality products or services. b. Organizations must pay special attention to their potential liability due to damages or injuries resulting from either faulty design or poor workmanship. c. Poor quality can adversely affect productivity if rework is necessary or if the process slowed down to accommodate an assembler trying to find a part that fits properly or by having defects and scrap that reduce output. d. Poor quality increases costs because of rework, scrap, repair and replacement, warranty claims, discounts, customer field work such as travel and inspection, lost time, and legal expenses. 4. Dimension Television Set Performance On, off, sound, color, picture Special features Remote control, inset picture, stereo sound Reliability Infrequency of breakdowns and repair work Durability Useful life in terms of time and use Service after sale Handling of complaints, requests for information, repair work (cost, time, reliability, courtesy and trust) Conformance Meets or exceeds our expectations Safety UL approved Aesthetics Shiny black cabinet 9-1
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Dimension Restaurant Meal (Product) Performance Taste, smell, color, arrangement of food, cleanliness, tableware Special features Specialties of the house, wines, cocktails, desserts, atmosphere, music Reliability Consistently excellent day after day Conformance Meets or exceeds our expectations Service after sale Friendly, courteous, appreciative Safety Sanitary handling Aesthetics Looks appetizing Dimension Restaurant Meal (Service) Performance Friendly, courteous, appreciative, timely, manners, poise, nimbleness, knowledge of food and wines Special features Extra service, special favors, knowledge of customer—likes, dislikes, special dates, makes customer feel special Reliability Consistently excellent day after day in every way Conformance Meets or exceeds our expectations
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