Chap002st - Chapter 02 - Competitiveness, Strategy, and...

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Chapter 02 - Competitiveness, Strategy, and Productivity CHAPTER 2 COMPETITIVENESS, STRATEGY, AND PRODUCTIVITY Answers to Discussion and Review Questions 1. They would be helpful in the sense that they would give U.S. manufacturers time to step up the use of industrial robots and other measures which would make them better able to compete in domestic and world markets. The higher profits possible from reduced competition or higher prices on foreign cars could be used for research and development costs. Possible pitfalls include higher prices and less choice, which U.S. consumers would have to endure and the possibility that U.S. companies would not use this as an opportunity to improve, but merely a crutch. From the Japanese standpoint, they would be penalized for doing what many would see as a good job. 2. Business organizations compete with one another in a variety of ways. Key among them are price, quality, product differentiation, flexibility, and delivery time. 3. Characteristics such as price, quality, time, delivery speed, delivery reliability can all be order qualifiers or order winners. It is important to determine the set of order qualifier and order winner characteristics so that companies can emphasize or de- emphasize a given characteristic based on their classification of importance. Marketing must play a major role in determining order qualifiers and order winners. In classifying order winners and order qualifiers, marketing and operations must work together to match the market needs with the operational capability of the firm. 4. One store that many of us shop at is Wal-Mart. In the last decade, Wal-Mart has been steadily growing and gaining market share. There are numerous reasons why Wal-Mart has been successful in a very competitive market. Wal-Mart’s ability to provide a very rich variety of goods with reasonable prices gives the company a competitive edge. Another reason involves the firm’s ability to integrate various aspects of its operations with suppliers. In other words, successful supply chain management provided Wal-Mart with another competitive advantage. Many of us travel around the country and the world and stay at various hotels/motels.
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Chap002st - Chapter 02 - Competitiveness, Strategy, and...

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