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Socratic Discussion Questions 1984 1. Laws definitely limit freedom because they create boundaries and restrictions in which people can not do or cross. The definition of freedom according to is exemption from external control, interference, regulation, etc. Yes we are all free living here in America, but our freedom is limited, as it is around the world, but in some places more than others. We are all lucky to be able to express our thoughts and beliefs without being criminalized against, but in 1984 the characters are punished by the ThoughtPolice, for having any foreign thoughts such as rebellion. 2. no I do not believe that man can create a perfect society. I only believe that a perfect person can create a perfect society. Since I believe that man is inherently evil, I do not believe humans are perfect, in fact they are far from perfect. Man would only want to create a perfect society to greater benefit himself, and to have others live the way HE believes is best. The founder of the Party obviously created this world because he thought his ideas were the best and thus went through with his plans 3. no I do not think history can be rewritten, and it should not be. History is a depiction of the past, which is revealed by concrete and true information. If history is rewritten then the present is a false place, because history forms the future. So if you change the past, there will be no reason for the problems in society in the present or future. If one changes history, they are practically living a lie, because by changing it that are instead living in a made up story, not life. 4. The
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Socratic Discussion Questions - Socratic Discussion...

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