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Layla Fijany Sociology 1: Pink Class Professor O’Dell 2 August 2010 Deviance: Just a Click Away The creation of the Internet has made an enormous impact on the lives of everyday people worldwide. The Internet has changed the way people work, learn, spend time play and most importantly, the way people communicate. Now, people can send, share, and receive almost any type of information in a matter of seconds. The Internet can be used as a learning tool to many, exposing endless websites that offer assistance in almost any school subject. Although useful, the Internet also allows many opportunities to cheat and use work from websites that is not their own. This act of cheating is also known as deviance. Deviance is the “recognized violation of cultural norms,” and in our society, the norm is to do one’s own work and not to plagiarize (PowerPoint). Also, some forms of deviance may be considered a crime. A crime is the “violation of a society’s formally enacted criminal law” (PowerPoint). Deviance is dependent on a particular cultures norm, and since norms differ among cultures, the labeling of whether an act is deviant or not depends on the culture. As the Internet has increased deviance through available online essays, I think that people who are teenagers, in the upper class, and male cheat the most in our society, due to Robert Merton’s Social Strain Theory. In my research I used the Google search engine and typed in the keywords “online essays” and it came up with 16,100,000 various websites offering essays online, ranging from free to customizable to costly essays. The first website I decided to research more in depth was They have over 70,000 professionally written essays and term papers.
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The essays are not free but they do have customizable essays for a “competitive” price. To search among their prewritten essays, they have a search box where you can search for the topic. These essays cost $9.95 per page and vary in length from 2-15 pages. For a customizable essay they have an order form where you include what the topic of your paper is, length of the paper, payment info, and shipping information. The customizable essays are $19.95 per page (3 page
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soc1 ass2 - Layla Fijany Sociology 1: Pink Class Professor...

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