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Watching this video clearly portrayed the major role in how one’s surroundings can affect the person who they become. If Heidi were to be raised in Vietnam throughout the major of her life, she would have been socialized into becoming a “traditional” Vietnamese woman. Of course her biology determined her mixed Vietnamese race, but only so much of her biology can be used to predetermine her behavior. According to John Watson and his theory of behaviorism, behavior is learned and not instinctive (Powerpoint). Therefore, by growing up in the US, Heidi was exposed to the socializing agents that socialized her to the American that she is. This act of socialization explains why Heidi looked nothing similar as an adult compared to her younger childhood pictures. Due to her upbringing in her family, school curriculum, influence of peer groups and mass media was Heidi “conditioned” to change the way she thought and acted. An example of this socialization was seen when Heidi permed her hair. She probably permed
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