MAGNI Packet 04 [REVISED-II-done]

MAGNI Packet 04 [REVISED-II-done] - MAGNI, A Collegiate...

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MAGNI, A Collegiate Quizbowl Tournament for Fall 2011 Questions by UCSD (Chris Chiego, Auroni Gupta, Andrew Honda, Vicky Hwang, Rohan Mehta, Peicong Dong), Yale (Matt Jackson, Kevin Koai, John Lawrence), and Jerry Vinokurov Organized and Brought to You by Auroni Gupta, Matt Jackson, and John Lawrence Packet Four Tossups 1. Harold Moughton wrote a report on this project’s feasibility. William Castle advocated a policy of neutrality for one party in this project, which was supported by the work of Alanson Houghton and Hugo Stinnes. This project aimed to prompt “hothoused” trade in certain colonies. Governor Strong of the New York Reserve lowered interest rates to help this project. Parker Gilbert was first selected to oversee this project, which played into the “fulfillment” and “understanding” goals of Gustav Stresemann. A $100 million dollar loan from J.P. Morgan Jr. was vital to this project, which preceded the Locarno treaties and asked for one billion marks. For 10 points, identify this 1924 scheme named for Calvin Coolidge’s Vice President, whose failure to aid Germany’s reparations repayment led to the Young plan. ANSWER: Dawes Plan 2. The most famous symptom of this disease also appears in the rheumatic fever-associated gravidarum and Sydenham’s diseases. In Drosophila , the intrabody C4 sFv has been shown to delay the symptoms of this disease. The GTP-binding protein Rhes induces sumoylation in and therefore increases cytotoxicity of a protein modified in this disease. It involves an increase in the number of glutamines beyond 36 in the polyQ region on chromosome 4. It’s not Tourette syndrome, but tetrabenazine was the first drug to be FDA-approved to treat the involuntary, irregular muscle contractions called chorea that is characteristic of this disease. For 10 points, name this neurodegenerative disease caused by an autosomal dominant mutation, which normally manifests itself in middle age. ANSWER: Huntington’s disease 3. One figure of this name died of a lightning strike at the Cepharean Rocks according to Hyginus; in other versions, that figure’s drowned corpse was buried on the isle of Myconos after Poseidon’s trident split the rock that he was clinging to. That man had previously lost a footrace after stumbling and falling at Athena’s intervention. Besides that Locrian son of Oileus who raped Cassandra, another figure of this name fathered Eurysaces and saved the Greek ships using his seven-ply oxhide shield. That man with this name dueled Hector twice, killed sheep in a frenzy after losing out to Odysseus for the slain Achilles’ armor, and was the son of Telamon. For 10 points, name these unrelated “Lesser” and “Greater” Greek heroes of the Iliad. ANSWER:
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MAGNI Packet 04 [REVISED-II-done] - MAGNI, A Collegiate...

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