MAGNI Packet 05 [REVISED-II-done]

MAGNI Packet 05 [REVISED-II-done] - MAGNI, A Collegiate...

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MAGNI, A Collegiate Quizbowl Tournament for Fall 2011 Questions by UCSD (Chris Chiego, Auroni Gupta, Andrew Honda, Vicky Hwang, Rohan Mehta, Peicong Dong), Yale (Matt Jackson, Kevin Koai, John Lawrence), and Jerry Vinokurov Organized and Brought to You by Auroni Gupta, Matt Jackson, and John Lawrence Packet Five Tossups 1. In an early painting by this artist, a blushing Christ with ugly blond hair is held by Mary, who sits under a towering figure in pink and red with five angels surrounding the throne. After his death, The Raising of the Son of Theophilus , Disputation with Simon Magus, and Crucifixion of St. Peter were painted by Filipino Lippi to finish a series this artist had started. Thorny leaves sticking out from an arch at the left poke at a figure who had fig leaves before a restoration of one of his paintings, which shows a cherub wielding a sword. This creator of Virgin and Child with St. Anne and Expulsion from the Garden of Eden depicted St. Peter extracting an object from a fish’s mouth in his most famous painting. For 10 points, name this painter whose Brancacci chapel frescoes include The Tribute Money . ANSWER: Masaccio [or Tommaso di Ser Giovanni di Simone ; accept Masolino da Panicale or Tommaso di Cristoforo Fini during the first sentence, although the work in question isn’t really an early Masolino work.] 2. Defenses against infection in this organism were shown to depend on ATP binding cassette transporter PEN3/PDR8. The KNOLLE syntaxin protein in this organism controls cytokinesis. One gene in this organism that encodes for an oxidoreductase mediating the fusion of epidermal cells was found to correct itself in the case of an offspring with two parents possessing defective copies. The HOTHEAD gene is an example of the non-Mendelian inheritance exhibited by this organism, whose genome consists of 135 or 157 mega base pairs in five chromosomes. Enrico Coen and Elliot Meyerowitz drew from research on this organism to conclude that the ABC model explained how clusters of genes in angiosperms regulate flower development. For 10 points, identify this plant model organism. ANSWER: A rabidopsis thaliana [or thale cress ; or mouse-ear cress ; prompt on Arabidopsis since that is the genus name; prompt on cress ] 3. A notoriously heterogeneous poem by this author ends by describing the laughter of a girl hiding in a corner but begins with a description of the snow-covered Mount Soracte, from which the poem derives its modern nickname. Another of his poems describes the mingling of ice-cold water and crimson blood when a sacrifice of a kid goat is made at the Bandusian spring. He wrote that “even Homer nods” in another poem, which claims that “as is painting, so is” the title activity. His name is attached to a poetic form that contrasts with a similar form named for Pindar. One of this author's best known poems contains lines later adapted by Wilfred Owen, “dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.” For 10 points name this Roman poet of many epodes, odes, and the
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MAGNI Packet 05 [REVISED-II-done] - MAGNI, A Collegiate...

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