MAGNI Packet 06 [REVISED-II-done]

MAGNI Packet 06 [REVISED-II-done] - MAGNI A Collegiate...

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MAGNI, A Collegiate Quizbowl Tournament for Fall 2011 Questions by UCSD (Chris Chiego, Auroni Gupta, Andrew Honda, Vicky Hwang, Rohan Mehta, Peicong Dong), Yale (Matt Jackson, Kevin Koai, John Lawrence), and Jerry Vinokurov Organized and Brought to You by Auroni Gupta, Matt Jackson, and John Lawrence Packet Six Tossups 1. A low, formerly submarine volcanic chain that includes Mount Raci on this island is known as the Hyblaean Mountains. To this island’s north lie a series of islands known for pumice and sulfur mining, including Lipari. The Simeto River on this island rises in the Nebrodi Mountains. This island’s southeast features thousands of square-cut rock tombs known collectively as the Necropolis of Pantalica. This island contains the remains of the Greek colony of Selinunte as well as a number of Doric-style temples at Agrigento. Separated from mainland by the strait of Messina and located south of the Tyrrhenian Sea, for 10 points, identify this island that contains Mount Etna, located next to the boot of Italy. ANSWER: Sicily 2. Two of these creatures named Seri and Hurri accompanied the ancient Anatolian storm god Teshub and represented day and night. Hyrieus brought out remains from one of these creatures and asked the gods to urinate on them. Hecale housed the hunter of another of them. According to Herodotus, Cambyses II’s stabbing of a living, sacred one of these creatures led him to fatally fall from his horse. That one had at least sixty reincarnations with white diamond markings on their foreheads, was buried in an Egyptian sarcophagus at death, and was named Apis. Another of them, Gugalana, was sent from heaven after Ishtar’s advances were refused by Gilgamesh. Theseus slew the Marathonian one, which Heracles fought earlier on Crete. For 10 points, name these male animals which include the father of the Minotaur. ANSWER: bull s [prompt “cattle;” do not accept “cows” at any point] 3. One author from this country fictionalized himself as José Cemi in a semi-autobiographical novel. Silvestre reminisces about going to the movies with his father in a novel set here, in which Arsenio Cue is shot by his mistress. One novelist from this country depicted the revolution in Haiti in a novel centered on the slave Ti Noel. Besides the authors of Paradiso and Three Trapped Tigers , this nation produced a poet who declared “I am a sincere man / From where the palm tree grows” in one of his Versos sencillos , and wrote the essay “Our America”. For 10 points, name this country of origin of José Lezama Lima, Guillermo Cabrera Infante, Alejo Carpentier, and José Marti, who set some of their works in Havana. ANSWER: Cuba 4. This people’s descendants claim that they united after several chieftains shed their blood into a single cup and each one drank from it. They lost to troops who had fasted for three days by order of their rival Simeon I at Southern Buh. This people successfully executed a surprise attack by the Brenta river. After Arnulf of Carinthia died, this people
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MAGNI Packet 06 [REVISED-II-done] - MAGNI A Collegiate...

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