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1 Term Paper Evaluation Name: ________________________________________________ Title:________________________________________________________ 1. Organization Title page, abstract, and organization 2. Introduction and review of literature Review other related studies Relationship of project to literature 3. Description of model/other work Theoretical foundations Important variables endogenous, exogenous, endogenous regressors Functional form Expected comparative static results (what are the expected signs for the coefficients?) 4. Description of data Define: units, real or nominal terms Report means, standard errors, min, and max of variables 5. Appropriate statistical model and estimation Appropriate statistical procedures Test assumptions distributional autocorrelation heteroskedasticity endogenous regressors Parameter estimates (estimated coefficients, standard errors, t-stats) Summary statistics ( §, 2 R , F, etc.) 6. Analysis
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Unformatted text preview: Estimated model Interpretation of results Consistency with theory Implications of findings Forecast performance (consider a holdout sample) 7. Summary and conclusions Brief summary of project objectives Brief summary of findings and implications Contribution to the literature 8. Documentation and references Related papers Include copies of basic computer printouts (key Stata printouts) Data–include data or references to data 9. General comments: originality, effort, etc. Miscellaneous comments on papers $ Type in estimated equation, standard errors, and R 2 $ For cross sectional data, it doesn’t really make sense to check the DW $ The R 2 from weighted least squares is not comparable to the R 2 from OLS $ The estimated coefficients obtained from the commands reg y x and reg y x/robust are identical, it is only the standard errors of the coefficient estimators which differ. 2 R...
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