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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 4 “Jaguar C- X16 Steals the Show in Frankfurt” CONTEXT •  186- mph •  60 mph in 4.4 secs •  50 to 75 in 2.1 secs •  gasoline- electric •  all electric mode •  zero emissions “A segment buster!” “The Bond Budget” “The Brand P&L” Salary Gross Sales (Sales * Price) - Taxes - Trade Take Home Pay Net Sales - Insurance - Home - Car - Food - Product Costs My Money Gross Margin - Investments - College Funds My Fun Money - Movies Balance - Overhead - TransportaFon - Warehousing - Ads & PromoFons - Market Research ContribuFon Margin (NMC) - G&A OperaFng Income §༊  §༊  §༊  §༊  ROMI Break Even Analysis (volume and pro t) Gross Margin % Product Contribution Margin % Specifying, gathering, analyzing, and interpreMng informaMon to help managers: 1.  Understand the environment 2.  IdenMfy problems and opportuniMes 3.  Develop and evaluate courses of markeMng acMon Basically, informaMon for decision making In general, to provide informaMon regarding... 1.  The situaMon 2.  Customers’ needs and wants 3.  Customers’ reacMons to the planned markeMng mix 1950‘s •  GM (like the rest of Detroit) offers big cars 1950‘s •  GM (like the rest of Detroit) offers big cars •  VW Beetle enters US market 1950‘s •  GM (like the rest of Detroit) offers big cars •  VW Beetle enters US market •   GM introduces Corvair to fight Beetle (1959) 1950‘s •  GM (like the rest of Detroit) offers big cars •  VW Beetle enters US market •   GM introduces Corvair to fight Beetle (1959) •   Corvair is “unsafe at any speed.” (R. Nader) 1960‘s •  Japanese imports have only 5% market share in US •  Toyota introduces Corolla to US (1968)- - - - designed well - - manufactured well 1970‘s •  GM introduces Chevrolet Vega (1970) - - designed poorly - - manufactured poorly •  Top GM management: “People don’t really want small cars.” Actually, people did. And many people at GM knew it. GM managers didn’t approve small car projects because they personally didn’t like small cars! 1970‘s •  Major shock to gas prices (1973) •  U.S. consumers migrate to smaller cars for fuel economy- - Japanese smaller cars for quality •  GM can’t introduce a high- quality compact car soon enough •  Japanese imports take 10% of U.S. market 1980s •  GM hurries to market, not allowing good design •  Cimarron by Cadillac (1982) - - a thinly veiled Cavalier - - notoriously poor quality •  Japanese imports take 20% U.S. market share 1990‘s •  GM fairly successful with Saturn •  Japanese take 29% U.S. market MarkeMng = Art + Science Relying on the “art” (the golden gut) without reference to the “science” (markeMng research) can lead to disaster. •  Research is oken costly •  Research takes Mme •   “What would I do without this informaMon?” - - Maybe it doesn’t mamer! - - Perhaps I can use an assumpMon •  “What if my assumpMon is wrong?” If the cost of a wrong assumpMon is less than the cost of research, don’t do the research! §༊  Homework Assignment #1…Due next Thursday! 1.  Select a product 2.  Go to the channel. Observe consumer behavior. 3.  Talk with a few consumers who select product. 4.  Identify a loyal consumer (aka: “love group”) 5.  Find out why they love the product 6.  Use the “love group” ndings to create a message for the swing group 7.  Write 1 page memo highlighting your methodology, ndings, and recommended messaging. 8.  Paper example will be posted in Blackboard ...
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