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FALL 2011 DR. R. SOYER FINAL EXAMINATION FIN 6271 Take-Home Exam Please answer all the questions and show your when necessary. You can not discuss the test with your or with or with . Please be sure that classmates me anyone else you sign your name electronically and submit the Compliance Form which is given below. No exam will be accepted without the signed Compliance Form. DUE: Monday, December 12, 2011 by 6:00 pm. Please upload your exam to the Blackboard. NAME: STUDENT NUMBER: Compliance By my electronic signature below, I affirm that I have neither given nor received any assistance whatsoever pertaining to either the substance or the preparation of this examination, either directly or indirectly, and that the examination I have submitted here is my own work and represents in no part anyone else's preparation or input. I fully acknowledge that receiving or providing assistance in form for this examination any constitutes a violation of the GW Code of Academic Integrity, and will be prosecuted under the provisions of that Code (the penalties for which include suspension and expulsion from the University with a permanent record notation). ______________________________ (please PRINT your name here) ______________________________ Date
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I . Answer each of the following as TRUE (T) or FALSE (F). In each case give an (brief) explanation, that is, you need to give an explanation even when the statement is true. In some cases you may need to do little calculation to support your answer. An answer explanation will be given any credit. In all
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  • Autocorrelation, Stationary process, Time series analysis, Autocovariance, Dickey-Fuller F-test

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FINAL_2011_Take_Home - FALL 2011 DR R SOYER FINAL...

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