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People Overpopulation - ? People Overpopulation Population...

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?? People Overpopulation Population increase degrades environment even though each individual uses few resources Common in developing countries. Consumption Overpopulation Each individual in a slow-growing or stationary population consumes a large share of resources, which results in environmental degradation Common in highly developed countries. Energy Flow Through an Ecosystem Is linear, from sun to producer to consumer to decomposer Most of that energy is converted to heat as it moves from one organism to another Organisms in the next trophic level can’t use it. Solar Energy 1 Of solar energy that reaches Earth 30% immediately reflected away 70% absorbed by atmosphere and surface Absorbed solar energy reradiated into space as infrared (heat) radiation Less than one billionth of the sun’s total energy reaches Earth’s outer atmosphere. 30% reflected back into space immediately 47% absorbed by the atmosphere 23% runs the hydrological cycle Less than 1% drives the winds and ocean Currents .02% captured by photosynthesis All Solar energy is ultimately re-radiated to space as heat Materials in Ecosystems Cycle and recyce between organisms and the abiotic environment. Carbon Cycle
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People Overpopulation - ? People Overpopulation Population...

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