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Chapter 35 - Stele(Vascular Cylinder Pericycle Gives rise...

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Chapter 35 (Roots and Mineral Nutrition) Taproot System Has one main root Formed from the radicle From which many lateral roots extend Fibrous Root System Has many adventitious roots of same size Developing from end of stem Lateral roots branch from adventitious roots Structures Root Cap Protective layer that covers the root tip Covers delicate root apical meristem May orient root so that it grows downward Epidermis Protects the root Root Hairs Short-lived extensions of epidermal cells Helps absorb water and dissolved minerals
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Unformatted text preview: Stele (Vascular Cylinder) Pericycle Gives rise to lateral roots, lateral meristems Xylem Conducts water and dissolved minerals Phloem Conducts dissolved sugar Prop Roots Develop from branches or vertical stem Grow downward into soil Help support certain plants in upright position Mycorrhizae Mutually beneficial associations between roots and soil fungi Root Nodules Swellings on roots of leguminous plants House rhizobia (nitrogen-fixing bacteria)...
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