Chapter 27

Chapter 27 - Fertilization Sperm cell fuses with egg cell...

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Chapter 27 (The Plant Kingdom: Seedless Plants) Colonization of Land by Plants Required anatomical, physiological, and reproductive adaptations Waxy cuticle Protects against water loss Stomata For gas exchange needed for photosyhtesis Vascular Transport System In ferns and other vascular plants Xylem conducts water and dissolved minerals Phloem conducts dissolved sugar Charophytes Plants probably arose from charophytes A group of green algae Based on molecular comparisons of DNA and RNA sequences Close match between charophytes and plants. Bryophtes Non-vascular (lack xylem and phloem) Unlike other land plants Dominant gametophyte generation Unlike other plants Sporophytes remain permanently attached Nutritionally dependent on gametophytes Mosses 1 Green moss gametophyte Bears archegonia/antheridia at top of plant.
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Unformatted text preview: Fertilization Sperm cell fuses with egg cell in archegonium (zygote) Zygote Grows into embryo Develops into moss sporophyte attached to gametophyte Meiosis Occurs within capsule of sporophyte Produces spores When spore germinates Forms buds that develop into gametophytes Liverworts (Phylum Hepatophyta) Many gametophytes are flattened, lobelike, thalli (others are leafy) Seedless Vascular Plants Have adaptations that algae and bryophytes lack Vascular tissues Dominant sporophyte generation Reproduction depends on water As transport medium for motile sperm cells (as in bryophytes) Ferns (Phylum Pteridophyta) Largest and most diverse group of seedless vascular plants Fern sporophyte consists of a rhizome that bears fronds and true roots...
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Chapter 27 - Fertilization Sperm cell fuses with egg cell...

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