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ANT 311 Midterm Section I - Malinowski of how Benedict...

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Kuznar states through numerous sources that, generally, scientific anthropology is an approach in which finds observation, hypothecation, self-criticism, and destruction of bias based on theory and data collection in a meting pot at the forefront of the anthropologist’s mind. As a scientific anthropologist one wishes to further enhance his understanding of a specific matter through numerous methods. Francis Galton argues for Eugenics in his piece “Eugenics: Its Definition, Scope, and Aims.” He tries to explain that through eugenics we can improve the human stock. An important notion to gather from Galton is that he supports methodology. Unfortunately for Galton, he allows his bias to get the best of his data set and allow that to influence his analysis and conclusions. He’s a pristine example, along with
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Unformatted text preview: Malinowski, of how Benedict states, “no man looks at the world with pristine eyes” (page number). Malinowski’s journal shows his obvious racism towards the subjects and blatant normalcy’s one could expect once submersing himself in an entirely new culture. This causes a lack of objectivism and taints the body of work with bias. Boas is important to note because he outright disagrees with Galton. Galton believes that he knows what’s hereditary and what isn’t, yet Boas directly comes out and says that, anthropologically speaking, many traits in the human genome are greatly affected through environment which would make eugenics very difficult to achieve. Boas believes that as...
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