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1 Section II Question B Through the study and perspective of colonialism, anthropology has changed its perspective in a few different ways. Some anthropologists bring up major points in regards to how Anthropology as a field should be changed and these views give a colonialist view. The way colonization is referred to here is that specific ideas and theories have been imposed upon (colonized) the minds of anthropologists. Malinowski learns through his exile to the islands of Trobriand that one must isolate himself to understand the people he is observing. Through isolation, Malinowski experiences the desire to go interact with the natives. No anthropologist has an objective outlook on a culture that isn’t his own, this is caused by the influence of the world around him. Malinowski’s diary shows the very subjective opinion and how it can be difficult to hide racial tendencies when one grew up taught these emotions. We learn through Malinowski that Mooney held a great deal of interest in Native American culture. He studied
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