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Finance 271 Financial Modeling & Econometrics Assignment Student ID : G33041692 Each observation in the accompanying dataset contains three numeric variables (Bus #, Age, and Annual Repair Cost, in that order) separated by blanks. For the following questions, assume that these data represent the population. 1. You wish to find the relationship between the age of a bus (independent variable) and the sum of its repair costs across the past year (dependent variable). Based on these data, the value of S XX is 38.833333. 2. The variance of the independent variable is 6.472222. 3. The value of S XY is 42513. 4. The value of the slope is 1094.755365. 5. The value of the intercept is 2252.519313.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. The residual value of Bus #1 is 1338.214592. 7. The expected annual cost of a 5-year-old bus is 7726.296137. 8. The expected residual of a 5-year-old bus is 0. 9. The value of the Root Mean Square error is 918.858638. 10. The value of the coefficient of determination is 0.901839. For the following questions, assume that these data represent a random sample from the population. 11. The value of the standard error of the slope is 180.589293. 12. If we are willing to make an assumption of normality, the upper bound of a 95% confidence interval around the slope is 1596.071241....
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