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Assignment4_Template_2011 - Finance 271 Financial Modeling...

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Finance 271 Financial Modeling & Econometrics Assignment Student ID : G33041692 A person holding two or more jobs, one primary and one (or more) secondary, is known as a moonlighter . You wish to know whether a 1-unit increase in each of the independent variables (after controlling for the other independent variables) is associated with a fixed percentage change in moonlighting wages. The file “Moonlighting.txt” provides the following data from a random sample of 318 moonlighters: Moonlighting wage (dollars/hour), Primary wage (dollars/hour), Race ( A W @ =white, A N @ =nonwhite), Urban ( A U @ =urban, A N @ =nonurban), Region ( A W @ =west, A N @ =nonwest), High school graduate ( A Y @ =high school graduate, A N @ =not a high school graduate), and Age (in years). Moonlighting wage, primary wage and age are assumed to be continuous variables; the other variables are assumed to be discrete. Primary wage and age should not be transformed in any way to address any of the questions below. Please note that the alphabetic fields have all been typed in upper case in the data.
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