exam - Finance 271 Financial Modeling & Econometrics...

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Finance 271 Financial Modeling & Econometrics Midterm Student ID : G33041692 Name: Fei Xie Please be sure to type your name and Student ID in the specified area above. Please place your answers to each question in the area reserved for that question. Please use only Microsoft Word to enter your answers – not (for example) Open Office or any other wordprocessing software. Once you have completed filling out this form, you must submit it (Outline/Midterm/Exam.doc) using the same Blackboard feature that you used to submit the assignments. This template file must be completed and submitted to Blackboard no later than 9:00pm (Blackboard will not permit it to be submitted after this time). Unless otherwise specified, please use an α level of .05 . If you don't understand a question or think that a question contains a typographical error, answer that question to the best of your ability, making whatever assumption you feel is needed to do so; you will find an area at the end of the examination where you can note anything you wish to point out to Professor Wirtz (such as an assumption you felt it necessary to make in order to answer a question, etc.) In general, it will not be possible to receive clarification from Professor Wirtz during the examination. It is recommended that you monitor your email as you are taking this examination, in the unlikely event that there is any information Professor Wirtz needs to convey to the class during the examination. If you run into a problem submitting your completed document, please send Professor Wirtz email at the end of the examination period, but do not include the examination in that email. Keep a copy of the file you submitted until you have received a grade in the Blackboard Gradebook; at that point, you must safely destroy all copies (paper and electronic). You have a data file specifically assigned to you. You will find it in the Outline/Midterm section of Blackboard. It is distinguished by its filename: nnnn.dat (e.g., 1234.dat). You will want to download this data file to your computer. Your data file contains four variables, separated by blanks: Y, X, W, and Z (in that order). All four variables are numeric. Variables Y, X, and W should be considered as continuous;
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exam - Finance 271 Financial Modeling & Econometrics...

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