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Finance 271 Answer Sheet Student ID: G33041692 Name: Fei Xie Dataset Name: Cleveland Please note: It is imperative that you accurately type your GWID, your Name, and your Dataset Name (e.g., Buffalo.txt, Cleveland.txt, Pittsburgh.txt, Portsmouth.txt) into the fields above. Failure to do so will mean that your examination cannot be graded. Please type your answers to each of the questions in the fields below. When you are finished, please SUBMIT this file to Blackboard, just as you ordinarily would submit an assignment. 1. 0.0001 2. Reject H0, Accept HA 3. At least one iv predicts the dv in the population 4. 23.02% 5. 14.06% 6. 33.41% 7. 8. 0 9. 1.32 10. 1.01 11. a. No b. Because p value associated with them is 0.9703, P/2 is more than 0.05, so we cannot achieve the conclusion. 12. a. Yes b. Because p value associated with age is 0.0001, P/2 is less than 0.05 and slope of age is
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Unformatted text preview: positive , so we can achieve the conclusion. 13. 0.004 14. only x3 15. a. No b. Because p value associated with age*education is 0.3386, P is more than 0.05, so we cannot achieve the conclusion 16. 11.49 17. 0.44% 18. a. two b. First see the CI that is more than 30. Second see that row to check which variables account for main part. In this case, X1 and X2 have numbers of 0.99424, so they are picked. 19. 0.17 20. In multiple regression, it has more than one independent variable and all independent variables are continuous. In Analysis of Covariance, all independent variables are discrete. 21. LSMeans t-test in ANOVA 22. the avg. sales price is the same in the 2 months...
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