Labsyllabus - CHM 111 Laboratory Summer Term 1 2011 MW 2-5...

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Summer Term 1 2011, MW 2-5 Room 101 Salem Hall Lab Schedule 5/30 Safety Video (Room 8), Check-in, Experiment 1, Hand in results for Experiment 1 6/1 Experiment 2 6/6 Experiment 2 continued 6/8 Experiment 3, Submit report for Experiment 2 6/13 Experiment 3 continued 6/15 Experiment 4, Submit report for Experiment 3 6/20 Experiment 4 continued 6/22 Experiment 5, Submit report for Experiment 4, Hand in results for Experiment 5 Grading. Your 100 point lab grade will consist of the following. 3 Lap reports: 25 points each Results for Exp. 1 and Exp 5: 5 points each Lab Notebook: 15 points Appearance. Anytime you are in the laboratory room, you must wear eye protection. Your feet must be covered. If your legs are not completely covered by your clothing, then you must wear a lab jacket or an apron at all times. If you are found in violation of this policy, you will receive a 10% deduction for that day’s experiment. Partner. When instructed to do so, you may work with a lab partner. To take advantage of this luxury, you must agree to an equal distribution of the work in the procedure. Each partner should contribute to each activity, trading off whenever possible, so that everyone obtains the appropriate experience on a given technique. If the Instruction Sheet asks you to analyze a sample (known or unknown), each partner should choose his or her own sample. You may work together while analyzing the samples, but your Laboratory Notebook is YOUR OWN WORK. All calculations and plots are YOUR OWN WORK.
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This note was uploaded on 02/29/2012 for the course CHM 111 taught by Professor Colyer during the Summer '08 term at Wake Forest.

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Labsyllabus - CHM 111 Laboratory Summer Term 1 2011 MW 2-5...

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