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Additional Problems Match the sampling or experimental design with the situations below. Choose the best answer. a) Simple Random Sample b) Stratified Random Sample c) Multi-stage Sample d) Capture-Release Sample e) Completely Randomized Design f) Randomized Block Design g) Matched Pairs Design h) Voluntary Response 1. In a study of the effects of a new cholesterol lowering medication, a group of 60 men with high cholesterol were randomly assigned to either use the new medication for 3 months or Lipitor (a medication currently in use) to see if the new medication successfully lowered cholesterol. 2. A survey is designed to understand the attitudes of college students toward smoking. A randomly selected group of smokers and another randomly selected group of non-smokers are given a questionnaire to fill out. 3. Is the amount of sleep a person gets related to their ability to retain information? A group of subjects are given 3 pages of information to study prior to going to sleep.
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