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Chapter 12 Notes Example 2 Answers a) 2(16.59351) > 27.3636. It is reasonable to pool the variances based on our rule of thumb. The sample standard deviations are close enough to make the assumption that the population standard deviations are equal for these groups. b) Means plot: c) See notes for boxplot. The control and the High Jump groups do not overlap but the Low Jump
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Unformatted text preview: group overlaps with each of the other two. d) H : μ C = μ H = μ L H a : not all μ i s are equal F = 7.978 P-value = .002 Reject H . There is evidence that at least one of the population jumping height had a different effect on bone density. e) S p = 907 . 465 MSE = 21.585 f) R 2 = 371 . 367 . 20013 867 . 7433 SST SSG...
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