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EXPERIMENT VOCABULARY PRACTICE ANSWERS 1. In a food technology study involving the storage of frozen strawberries, 10 pints were stored at each of 5 storage times. Storage times were randomly assigned to the pints. The ascorbic acid content for each pint was measured after storage. Experimental unit: a pint of strawberries Factor: storage time Factor levels: the five storage times Treatments: storing the pints of strawberries for each of the five storage times Response Variable: ascorbic acid content 2. To determine whether a review session will improve his students test scores, a stat 301 instructor divides his class into two groups. He then requires one group to attend a study session. He compares the test results of each group. Experimental unit: a student Factor: review session attendance Factor levels: review session, no review session
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Unformatted text preview: Treatments: half of students have the treatment of attending the review session, the other half have no treatment applied Response Variable: test result 3. Our 12 club members need to learn a new computer program. Jim thinks playing classical music in the background helps people to retain information better. Pam believes drinking coffee while training helps. Their boss Michael decides to design an experiment to test out their theories. He will divide the club members into 4 groups and then give them a multiple choice test about the new computer program. Experimental unit: a club member Factor: learning aid Factor levels: classical music, coffee Treatments: one group listens to classical music while training, the other drinks coffee while training Response Variable: results on multiple choice test (or test score)...
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