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SPSSinstructionsLab1 - window will appear 2 Click “Random...

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1 SPSS instructions for Lab 1 Where is SPSS on ITaP computers? Start -> Programs -> Standard software -> Statistical packages -> SPSS 18.0 -> SPSS 18.0 for Windows How do you enter data into SPSS? In the left bottom corner of the SPSS data editor, choose the “Variable View” button. Enter the variable name “Names”. The type is “string”. Enter the variable "Sodas." The type is "Numeric." Then in the left bottom corner of the screen, click “Data View” . This is where you type in all of the names and number of sodas from the board. How do you take a SRS or randomly select units for treatment groups in an experiment? 1. At the top of the screen, click Data Select Cases. The “Select Cases”
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Unformatted text preview: window will appear. 2. Click “Random sample of cases”. Then click on “Sample”. The “Select Cases: Random Sample” window will appear. 3. Click “Exactly [ ] cases from the first [ ] cases” and fill in 5 and the number of students in your class (20 for most of the classes) in the two boxes respectively. Then click Continue OK. 4. Minimize the output window that pops up. 5. You will see a new var iable “filter_$” in the data entry window. The selected cases for your sample or treatment group are those with filter_$ being 1. 6. Record your results, the repeat these steps if you want to take another sample. (Please keep the instructions for your Homework)...
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