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1 SPSS instructions useful for Lab 2 SPSS commands to produce bar graphs and pie charts for displaying data from categorical variables are given below. (See Chapter 1, sections 1.1 and 1.2.) Reminders: (1) Where is SPSS in computer lab? Start -> Programs -> Standard software -> Statistical packages -> SPSS 18.0 -> SPSS 18.0 for Windows (2) Define your variables in “Variable View” by clicking on that tab in the bottom left corner of the data editor. (3) Click on “Data View” and input data into SPSS data editor, such that they are in one column. New material for Chapter 1: Suppose each student listed his or her favorite kind of pet on a piece of paper passed around the class. This is categorical data and we want to display it. Enter the data in one column, exactly as it is written on the paper (e.g. dog, dog, cat, dog, fish,…). Name the column as “Pet” and define the variable as “string”. When you input your data this way, you do not need to “ weight the cases . (4)
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SPSSinstructionsLab2Spring2012 - SPSS instructions useful...

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