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1 SPSS instructions useful for Lab 3 and Homework Goal: find and print out the mean, standard deviation, histogram, modified boxplot of a data set using SPSS. Reminders: (1) Where is SPSS in computer lab? Start -> Programs -> Standard software -> Statistical packages -> SPSS 18.0 -> SPSS 18.0 for Windows (2) Define your variables in “Variable View” by clicking on that tab in the bottom left corner of the data editor. (3) Click on “Data View” and input data into SPSS data editor, such that they are in one column. New material for Chapter 1: (4) Mean, Median, Standard Deviation, Histogram, Stem-Leaf plots, Box-plots. Analyze -> Descriptive Statistics -> Explore Highlight the variable of interest and click on “[>]” to move the variable into the “Dependent List” box. Then click “Plots…” on the right and check the “histogram” box. You should also make sure the boxplot and stem-and-leaf plot boxes are checked, but this is the default setting. Then click “Continue
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SPSSinstructionsLab3Spring2012 - SPSS instructions useful...

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