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DOING A HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT USING PERDISCO 1. Go to 2. Scroll down and click on SHOW GRADED HW QUESTIONS. 3. Scroll down to HW 1 and click on HW1. 4. Bookmark the questions and print them. 5. Log off Perdisco. 6. Work out the answers to the bookmarked questions. 7. When ready, login in to Perdisco and retrieve your bookmarked questions. 8. Enter your answers and scroll down and click on SUBMIT ANSWERS. 9. Get your feedback showing how many correct and how many incorrect answers you got. Read over all the comments in the feedback, even for the problems you got right. 10. Print your feedback so that you have a record. You will not be able to access this later if
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Unformatted text preview: you don’t print it or save it now. 11. SCROLL DOWN AND CLICKK ON FINISH. FAILURE TO DO THIS WILL RESULT IN NO HW SUBMITTED. 12. You should get a message that your work has been received and you have finished the assignment. 13. If you believe you could do better, you still have one more try. 14. If you do the HW again, you probably will have different questions. You can bookmark them again if you wish. 15. Enter the answers, click on SUBMIT, get the feedback, and CLICK ON FINISH TO GET YOUR HW SUBMITTED. 16. Your score will be the higher of the two attempts if you do the second try....
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